Our Software

We provide a user-friendly human resource information system (HRIS), where leave application is integrated with payroll calculation. The monthly payroll file is uploaded electronically to the bank where salary is credited automatically to each employee’s account.

Our system allows online submission of employees’ Central Provident Fund (CPF) contribution details and employment income to CPF Board and Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) respectively.

Human Resource Software Features



Staff Particulars

Staff data, including IC copies, resumes, work passes and certifications, can be easily uploaded to the portal and kept current. It can be accessed any time by the staff.

Leave Administration

Staff can submit their leave applications electronically and approvals can be done online. Hence the Company can go paperless without having to print out the hard copy of the leave applications for approval. Salary will automatically be deducted for no pay leave applications without the hassle of manual calculation which may give rise to human error.


Electronic itemised payslips in accordance to local legislation can be accessed any time by the staff. The various salary components are automatically processed by the system, and hence increases efficiency and eliminates human error.

Bank Upload (Online Bank Giro)

Payroll files can be uploaded to the bank for monthly salary payout.

CPF e-Submission

CPF contributions for employees are automatically calculated by the system after payroll has been processed. The files can be uploaded to CPF website for employees’ monthly contribution.

Income Tax e-Submission (Online IR8A - Auto Inclusion Scheme)

The system is able to generate IR8A, IR21, IR8S, etc. The files can be uploaded to IRAS electronically for income tax submission.

Time Attendance, Appraisal & Training Modules

Time attendance, appraisal and training modules are also integrated into the system.